Architect Gürbüz Yazıcı started working an architectural projects and construction projects individually .Then Gürbüz Yazıcı established an Argon Architecture Company in 2004.From 2004 till now he actualized too many projects as architectural and interior architectural. Also Argon Architecture Company aim the best projects for their customers with best timing.


Argon Architecture Company never compromises its principles: customer needs come first; maximum safety is primal; and innovation is the ultimate goal.
As Argon, we take full responsibility for our work and guarantee that if there is an issue with even a delivered work, we are prepared to do what is necessary. With the understanding that  the construction sector requires diligence, our firm gives priority to    labor time management, highly qualified workers  and using the    highest quality of materials and  equipment available on the market.We live by our priorities.


And our objective is not to make profit, but to deliver success.
Our main principles are: Designing the best projects, building high quality structures,
trust and stability.
With our corporate, educated and experienced personnel, at Argon we provide services to Private Sector both during and after construction by carrying out all of the necessary operations.
Our firms make it a priority to calculate the cost beforehand; therefore, we protect our clients from encountering unexpected costs when the job is done.